The blue box.

I had a particularly narrative dream last might. it was actually related to the episode of doctor who I watched last night, which was the first of a two parter, I dreamed a second part to it, though there was a radical change of tak to it, so I think I can quite easily tell this story without giving any spoilers.
Unfortunately the dream is slipping from my mind as I type, so I won't be able to tell you the whole thing, more a series of scenes that don't really link up.

Something has been hijacking the tardis, and making it not do what it's supposed to. The Doctor has tried many technobabbley solutions, none of which have worked. This leaves the only solution he can think of being that the tardis is cursed. At this point I saw the tardis with an entirely white door (like the colour had been drained from it, the handle to the door was a scary looking skull. the doctor goes outside to see how it looks from there, leaving Rory (one of the current companions) alone inside. The door closes, which is some how ominous. The doctor opens it and finds Rory trapped in a wooden box which appears to have been built around him. only his face is showing through a gap between planks. The wooden box he is in fills the entire internal space of the tardis, which has become considerably smaller on the inside (than the outside) (this alludes to the Mat Smith doctor's liking for people using the phrase 'it's bigger on the inside', which no one has so far this series.)
The doctor pulls Rory's box out and it lands face first on the ground. Before helping him, the doctor looks at the now tiny inside of the tardis.
He looks away to Rory's box, but then back to the tardis, it is now, suddenly heavily damaged, looking like it has been smashed to pieces with a pole, which is now left impaled through the door by the skull handle.

The Doctor ignores this for a moment, and turns to the box in which Rory is trapped. he turns it over and finds that Rory's face is no longer at the hole. He rippes off the planks nailed to the front, revealing that it is entirely full of grass cuttings (this is a dream, remember). He assumes Rory is still in there, and reaches an arm inside to save him. He grabs something cylindrical, hoping it's a leg, but he pulls it out and it is a bike pump (the same sort I own, to be precise), he tries again and gets another one. Then he looks at the box, it is now far too small to have ever fitted a person in it.

A woman is there (you know the way tend to appear unquestioned in dreams) she is the woman from the episode I watched last night. She has the feeling of the villain about her, like she is an alien pretending to be human. She reveals that she has been doing the weird stuff that's been going on. setting the doctor off on one of his rants.

He talks about how it can't be done by someone simply moving faster than can bee seen, because he would have felt the air disruption from the really fast movement of boxes. (I realise now that couldn't possibly have done the changing to the tardis) He eventually works out that she must have been using other dimensions, and hasn't been changing the tardis at all, just swapping the real one for something almost identical, just with a something changed. I don't think I ever knew how he did it, but the doctor, knowing what's been going on, can now solve the whole thing.

The woman tries to stop him by hitting him with a metal box lid through the axis of another dimension. knowing to look out for other dimensional attacks, he stops her and hits her with the thing in a more normal way (right in the face, which is really not his style). I think it was maybe incapacitating her that made everything reappear in this dimension. There is a row with the real tardis at one end, next to it the one with the white door and the skull handle, then the one that's tiny on the inside, with the original box Rory was stuck in, finally the one that's been smashed up was at the end.

That's where the doctor who portion of the dream ended. But for the story, presumably the doctor gave a final speech, worked out what this woman wanted with him, and found Rory, before departing in the tardis.

The rest of the dream was even more odd. thee were two parts. In the first I was with my mother in a place where I used to live. there was a gas fire on the wall that was filthy, I showed her through to the next room where there was an identical gas fire which was gleaming clean, though disassembled. I told her that this one I had cleaned, but forgot to but back together. She seemed very impressed.

In the final part of my dream, I was still with my mum, walking beside a river. Cars passed us, and it was obvious that they were fleeing from reavers (Firefly). the reavers' cars passed us a moment later, chasing the first lot. They crossed a bridge to the other side of the River. I watched them go down that side, chasing the other cars, but one of them veered to the left, jumping over the river to come after us. That was the end of this bit.

I would love to see what a... whatever you call someone who analyses dreams... thinks of this, it would probably show that I'm actually mad in a certifiable sense of the word.

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