Tank walker Geddan

A silly video from a silly person.


Vanguard Xenos comparison

Vanguard Xenos comparison, originally uploaded by kiml42.

This picture took 11 hours to render. Blender doesn't seem to cope well with really large objects. The Xenos ship is a few thousand blender units long. Please head over to the flickr page and see it full size for maximum detail. (You can just about make out some of the tiny little guns on Big V)


CSS Vanguard (version 0.91)

I can also blog straight from youtube, how cool is that. Here's the latest video of the CSS Vanguard.

Xenos ship spinning video.

ship and reactor0001_0400, originally uploaded by kiml42.

I've just set up flickr to make blogging photos (and videos) really easy, in theory. So, let's see if this works.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.