I found out how to put sound on a video, still just using blender.

*edit* well maybe not, I'll try again tomorrow.


Dream diary.

I had three strange dreams last night, that I wanted to remember.

I dreamed I was on a small plane (like a flying car really) with my mum and brother. We were going on holiday. Mum had got us up to cruising altitude and then let go of the wheel, but she forgot to turn on the auto pilot, so the plane instantly veered to the right. We struggled to regain control, but we failed.

The people on the floor I live on and I went to a posh meal, we were sat down at our table. Some how I stopped being at the table, and was suddenly in a very different room with all the same people. They were all sitting with their eyes closed, completely motionless, except for their hands which worked some kind of controls. I realised the posh meal was a virtual reality trick, so that the people who set it up could steal information about the people who were plugged in.
I was back at the restaurant, in the queue to get in. It was all the same as it had been the first time, and none of my friends seemed to have noticed the time shift. But this time I could see all the flaws in the program, for example the fact that the guy at reception who greeted us didn't actually exist below the waist.

I was watching Heroes. There was a man in a wheel chair outside an expensive looking house. there were also two rather nasty looking people across the garde. And Hiro was there. The two men fired their guns at the man in the wheel chair. Hiro froze time and ran to save the man in the wheel chair. But the man told Hiro not to save him (telepathically, I think). Hiro was reluctant, but let the bullets hit the man. He didn't die instantly, so he had time to tell hiro to run away.
Hiro ran and the two men followed him on bicycles. He tried to find a branch or something with which to defend himself.

Yes, I know I'm probably mad.


Whales and neocats, combo post.

Swimming with whales, parts 1 and 2
I think I made a mistake putting the renders together as a video, but you get the general idea.

Neocat mother ship

Neocat mother shir - WIP - front

It's not finished yet, but it's well on its way.